Envirolution Programme Preview 2013

The best ‘FREE’ day in Platt Fields Park of the year.Envirolution 2013

Envirolution in back! We will be bringing you another free day in the park at the beginning of the summer, 25th May from 1pm.

We loved all the feedback saying how welcoming and friendly the atmosphere was in 2012. We will build on this for 2013, whilst bringing you even more to see, even more to interact with, even more contriubte to, even more workshops, even more to listen to, even more to amble through and loads of happy faces.


The stage this year will be powered by the sun via Songsmith Solar. We are honoured to be able to announce a very diverse, eclectic and talented line up. Sitting on the grass with friends around, the sun on our faces, with these sounds tickling your inner ear is going to be very blissful.

A lineup teaser:

Jezabellezza – Pink hair, a piano and whitty lyrics from an Envirolution favourite.

Ben Playford – This is exciting! Ben played for right us at the beginning in 2010 and we have not been able to tie him back down… until now!

imgTemplebys – Brilliant British funk band who wrote us a song when they played in 2011. Great to have them back

Wobbly Hearts -These are our international talent making the long journey over from sunny North Wales.

Franco and The Dreadnoughts – Manchester singer/ songwriter who has an affection for Platt Fields Park

avatars-000008978328-nxodiw-t200x200Sam Haine and The Bloodflames– Some ‘EpicFolk’ with the super songwriter Sam Haine from a MEN’s one to watch band.

Sam Haine and The Bloodflames – Amethyst (Official Video 2013) from Black Rock Creative on Vimeo.

Its not all about the music. We also have a Capoeira dance demonstration accompanied with their people powered instruments. Capoeira Angola Manchester

Envirolution’ Fair Trade Ground

What are the lovely people from Envirolution doing in the Entertainment Area I hear you all cry. We are not one to disappoint, and the Envirolution’ Fair Trade Ground certain won’t. We have sourced ideas from the best minds we could find to create a fairground lineup of assorted merriment never seen before in Platt Fields Park. To include “Hook A Duck”, “Whack a Rat”, “Asteroid Mayhem” and “Don’t be Shy; Crack my Coco-Nuts”!


Wandering Shadows – How good does contemporary circus & shadow play performance sound? I can’t wait, if you can’t either there is a little video below to satisfy your cravings.

@ Chorlton Big Green Festival 2012Envirolution’ Photo Booth -Our photo booth is back big and better and with a new set of wheels. All will be revealed but it is as exciting as it sounds. Check out the photo’s from BeatHerder Festival for a little taster of what to expect.

Envirolution’ Pop Up Farm – Our mix of children’s workshop and encanted farmers hang out; is just the place to get your hands soily, learn a little about plants and take home some magic beans.

Mamu’s Greenwood Craft – Envirolution would not be complete without the fabulous Mamu and his Greenwood carving machine. Even better now that anyone can have a go and experience the craft for themselves.mamu

Facepainting – Artists from all over this fair city of ours will be giving us some time and talent to make your faces look pretty. Warning! Preference will be given to the children so unfortunately some parents may miss out.

Revolve – Forget a ‘Man in a Van’ we have our very own ‘Man on a Bike’ complete with everything he needs to fix yours.

Venture Arts – Arts workshops from this brilliant community arts project out of Hulme, also look out for them on the hill painting our Hollywood-style “Envirolution” sign.376602_10151927331910144_785834557_n

Curly Wurly Theatre – Were pleased to welcome a new friend of ours to the Eco Garden to offer theatrical workshops for children of all ages. We offer a non-discriminative event; so don’t dispair adults will also be allowed to dance around and make fools of themselves like everyone else.

Rubbish Revamped – What can we make with all the non-recyclable materials? Rubbish revamped are having a go at finding out every creative use possible. Last year’s workshops were good, they have promised this years will be even better.

Manchester Slackliners – How much fun can you have with a line tied between two trees. These guys will be along to show you and even set up a smaller one for us all to have a go on.

Friends of Platt Fields Park + Chorlton Plant Swap – Come see how the FoPF are working to make our park better and then swap a plant to make your own green space a little bit happier.

Pedal Power2Pow Wow – These pedal-powered alchemists who can change turning legs into everything from music to motion pictures. With the Entertainment stage being solar powered this year, we will leave the mystery of our pedal-powered geniuses until closer to the event.

Food and Drink update

Image from http://twogreedy mancunians .blogspot.co.uk/Chaat Cart – They make Indian street food, not the spicy curries people are used to, but fresh healthy chaat.  Chaat is a roadside snack usually sold from a cart. All their dishes are made to order and just happen to be vegetarian.  They are based in Manchester, with all vegetables locally sourced.

Cranks-promo-cropped1Coffee Crank Cooperative – They are a social enterprise selling ethically sourced tea, coffee and snacks from a bi-spoke cargo bike. They are very passionate about bikes and cycling, with sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

Tea JamboreeTea Jamboree – This is a playful tea experience where you can concoct a cuppa to suit your mood! Come along and explore the selection of teas, flowers, spices, herbs and fruit, and enjoy a unique cup of tea. Try something new and unleash your creativitea!

TeaTime CollectiveTeatime Collective – They are a mobile vegan catering collective based in Manchester. They stick to what Teatime was founded on…cheap, tasty, homemade vegan food cooked in a sociable environment with large portions!


To represent the zeitgeist for the drive in Bee campaigns and Bee awareness, we would like to welcome you into the Bee World.BergamotBee

Come and see Manchester and District Beekeeper Association (MDBKA) who’s aim is to promote the art of beekeeping and to provide training and education to its members.

Manchester Friends of The Earth will be joining us with lots to do connected to their campaign ‘The Bee Cause’.

Three Bees will be there showing us what great things can be made from the hard work of the humble Bee, with its honey cosmetics.

spokesEnvirolution wouldn’t be Envirolution without loads of Bike stalls! here is what you can look forward to:

Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign is there to show you how cycling can be quick, safe, easy and fun for everyone!

The 20’s plenty for Manchester campaign to have a 20mph default speed limit where people live, will be on hand to explain the many benefits this can have on cyclists and walkers.

We very excited to have some handmade Bamboo Bikes on show with the designer on hand to explain the process.

The team from the Manchester Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative store will be along to sing the praises of their favourite form of transport!

There will be a host of growing related projects including The Kindlign Trust, Fallowfield Secret Garden, LGBT Youth North West / LGBT Centre and Groundwork

There will also be Craft Market with I AM TREE- passionatley crafted papier-mache, Voyage To The Edge Of The World – screen printed t-shirts and Kip Taylor Designs – pots and planters.

Plus a host of others including – Chorlton Refurb, Manchester and Salford Ramblers, Action for Sustainable Living and Ethical Pets.

Please note that this list is not final and may be subject to alterations, but none the less we are on track to creating a very special day in the park.


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