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Envirolution Programme 2013

Envirolution 2013The best ‘FREE’ day in Platt Fields Park of the year.

We are back for our yearly extravaganza in and around the Eco Garden of the park. There will be live music, theatre, live art, workshops, discussions, family fun, fairground games, solar power, pedal power, food, drink and loads of smiling faces.

All for the lovely price of FREE! Continue reading Envirolution Programme 2013

Dwelle – The Eco House

dwelle trailWe are lucky enough to have an eco demonstration house right next to Platt Fields Park on Wilmslow Road. The structure is open for public viewings every Friday and Saturday which means it will be open on Saturday 25th May. The sensible amongst us will mooch on over on their way to the Envirolution Festival.

You can find the house and its designer, Ric, at the Wilmslow Road and Platt Lane corner of the park. Then simply follow the map opposite to find your way over to Envirolution.

Dwelle will be on hand with refreshments to answer all your questions about the house and give you a tour.

Dwelle – A range of carefully designed micro-buildings that are highly sustainable, fast to erect and extremely adaptable.Dwelle

We hope you’ll be able to call by between 1pm and 7pm for a nosey at their dwelle.ing, see their grow-your-own demonstration.

They’ll also be introducing their brand new Carbon Literacy workshops – explaining ‘how changing the aspects of our collective behaviour that result in the generation of dangerous greenhouse gases sustains our planet and our pockets, and will keep the world a safe, healthy and prospering place to live.

They are located at 265 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M14 5LN.

Volunteers Needed

What a lovely time of year it is. All the better for having an Envirolution around the corner.

As always there is lots to do. Please email if you are free to help

1) Firstly, we need lots of people to come and give us a hand on the day.

2) Secondly, We will be in the park on the following dates

Monday 6th from 1pm at the Boathouse for Painting

Wednesday 8th from 1pm around the Eco Garden for Festival Preparation

Saturday 11th from 2pm at The Ram for Painting

Wednesday 15th from 1pm around the Eco Garden for Festival Preparation

Tuesday 21st until the Festival we will be in the park – More details to follow. Please email if you are free to help

Envirolution Programme Preview 2013

The best ‘FREE’ day in Platt Fields Park of the year.Envirolution 2013

Envirolution in back! We will be bringing you another free day in the park at the beginning of the summer, 25th May from 1pm.

We loved all the feedback saying how welcoming and friendly the atmosphere was in 2012. We will build on this for 2013, whilst bringing you even more to see, even more to interact with, even more contriubte to, even more workshops, even more to listen to, even more to amble through and loads of happy faces. Continue reading Envirolution Programme Preview 2013

The Eco Garden Update

Waking up to the sun streaming through the window, leaving the house without your coat and gloves and seeing flowers poking through under the trees… spring is definitely here!

After battling through snow for the last few volunteer days we should now be rewarded with some more volunteer-friendly weather. The next volunteer day is Wednesday 17th April from 1pm (also 15th May).

BergamotBeeJobs for the coming months are to work on the bee bed, create a plant guild around the plum tree, continue work on mint corner and prepare the rest of the Eco Garden.






Creating a Bee Bed in the Eco Garden

We are going to create a bee friendly growing bed in the Eco Garden. The bed will be in flower from as early in the year to as late as possible. The idea is that multiple flowers will have nectar available at anyone time. Continue reading Creating a Bee Bed in the Eco Garden

Platt Fields Park

Eco Garden

Since our second event in the summer 2011, we have adopted Platt Fields Park as our home. There has been a recent history of environmental and community art projects being based in the area to the south of the lake, known as the Eco Garden.

This is glade-like area where you can find flower beds, willow structures, a clay oven and a living sofa. The park is a perfect place to escape the frenetic pace of urban life and the Eco Garden is one of the best places in all of Manchester’s green spaces.powwow-and-park-2

If you would like to find out more or get involved with the Eco Garden click here.

Friends of Platt Fields Park

The single biggest factor that makes Platt Fields so special is its community involvement. Nothing symbolises this more than the Friends of the Platt Fields Park who will be celebrating 20 years in 2014.platt-field

We have been working closely with the FoPF since January 2012 to become part of the great work that they do.

The Anchors

We have been part of the discussion in the park to think about a new model of community involvement. The thinking is that the current funding and budget situation is not going to have a positive effect on the management of green spaces and that the potential for communities from the parks is not fully realised.

The Anchors – Please click to see the foundations of a new way of working. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.


Platt FieldsOne of the successes of the work in Platt Fields is the monthly Sunday ‘Once A Month’ volunteer days, or OAM’s. These have been running every third Sunday for over 6 years and offer people a chance to participate in improving the park.

We have been helping with these since early 2012 and also run a smaller Wednesday afternoon session which is concentrated on the Eco Garden.

If you would like to get involved click here


As part of the Anchor concept, groups agree to look after or contribute to an element of the park in return for a given benefit. We have taken on the care of the Eco Garden in order for it to be at its best for the Envirolution Festival.

An added benefit of this has been our access to the Boathouse. We use the space to store and create art installations, signage and anything else creative needed for the event. This often doubles up as community art workshops next to the lake for people who are enjoying the park and happen to wonder by.Boathouse