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Spring is almost upon us!

Hello everyone! Hope 2017 has been good to you all so far. Our preparations are well underway for this year’s festival, which will take place on June 3rd, at Platt Fields Park in Fallowfield.

In preparation for one of the greatest things to happen in Manchester this summer (we may be a little biased!), we will be hosting a fundraiser at the Old Abbey Taphouse on April 1st from 8pm following on from the Energise Festival at Hulme Community Garden Centre. So come on down for vegan cakes and party vibes as we start April with a bang!

Here’s the link so you can find us on Facebook and be social and all of those lovely things:

See you soon!

Envirolution x

Help Us Promote Envirolution

The whole point of Envirolution is to show off how awesome everyone is. Communities coming together as one to celebrate positive things happening, and find out that everything isn’t all that bad after all. Not while we can all do something about it, anyway.

So where do you come in?

We need everyone who sees this to share the Facebook event, for starters:

If you’re up for more of a partnership, let us know! We try and team up with all of the people doing great things – so drop us a message to or send us something via the Facebook event.
Envirolution 2018 is on the way and it’s all getting a little bit exciting!

My Favourite Pic! 21 Days To Go…


This is my favourite picture of Envirolution. Not because of any fancy shot or clever use of light but because it shows loads of people enjoying themselves in the park, engaging with all the wonderful activity. The reason we created Envirolution in the first place.

If you have any forgotten pictures from Envirolution please post them to us or tag us in them.

The Envirolution festival is back and is going to better than ever!

The 2016 Envirolution looks like its going to be our last festival ever, so we hope you will join us to make it extra special.

As ever its going to have some top quality bands playing over the two stages, loads of workshops where you can learn new stuff, amazing food from all around Manchester, games and activities in our fairtrade ground, loads of new stuff and many ideas and ways that you can use to change the world!

And of course, its all for FREE!

Spread the good word folks,

GRUB are coming to Envirolution!

If you asked just about anyone (and we did!) what they thought of Envirolution – they’d probably say: ‘incredible festival, but not enough food!’

And to all those people – we heard your hungry words!

That’s why we’re so buzzing this year to welcome GRUB into our Platt Fields home for Envirolution 2018, Saturday 2nd June!

They’ll be hosting one of their incredible plant-powered Sundays (on a Saturday, of course), with a big, delicious list of all of the best vegan street food traders Manchester and further afield has to offer!

If you want to keep track of everything, follow the Facebook event for all of the latest updates. There’s plenty more to come!

Peace and love,


Thank you – 50 Pledges

Our crowdfund campaign – – is underway and we have reached are first important milestone of 50 pledges. Thank you to all who have got behind us so far.

Thank you to:

Daniel Finn, Lee Kendall, David Mitchell, Nick Stuart, Zara Skitt, Benjamin Playford, Gavin pate, jessica ward, Maria Ali, Hannah Newcomb, Sylva Yarker, Matthew Hunt, Holly Dexter, sophie burgess, Adam Rayner, Dyna Gardens, Ap Jeanica, Sarah Victoria, Carl Rowe, Sarah Gilston, Roland Deem, sophie owen, Alex HB, Alex Mac, Ailsa Morris, Matthew Andrew, Joe Wallwork, Craig Despard, Niraj Dattani, Romilly Gibbs, Sheila Gibbs, Toby Bennett, Ruth Mitchell, Jessie Gibbs, Nicholas Farrimond, Paul Mitchell, Paul Rowe, Mandy Rowe

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Saturday 2nd June 2018 – Save the Date!

Hi everybody!

We’re back, biggerer, betterer and more awesomer than ever before(erer). With the winter months yet to go away and give us some much needed sunshine, we’re all hard at work in the background turning Envirolution 2018 into the best thing yet. Are you excited?

So put the date in your diary!

If you’re looking for the best free festival in Manchester in 2018, we’re a safe bet, and with plenty of sustainability, community, and eco spirit, we’re after ticking all the boxes and really showing off the great work you all do in Manchester and beyond.

Can we get you involved?

What we need:

  • People: If you have the time, energy and skill to help host the event please get in touch.
  • Promotion: Please link to, share and talk about Envirolution 2018:
  • Money: We are hopefully going to be running fundraisers and events running up to June. Keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page!
  • Let us know: If you know of any individual, group or company that should be involved in the summer email, tweet or post it on Facebook.