What is a ‘Low Carbon Community’?

At the Envirolution Festival 2013 we want to contribute to Manchester’s Climate Change Action Plan – Manchester A Certain Future.

One of the headline targets of M:ACF in 2009 when it was created was “to engage all individuals, neighbourhoods and organisations in Manchester in a process of cultural change that embeds ‘low carbon thinking’ into the lifestyles and operations of the city.”

We want to ask what does this actually mean? How are we to understand this so we can take it forward and develop meaningful targets that we can achieve together.

I invite you to being this conversation now so we can make the most of the opportunity Envirolution presents.

I have started discussions on Linkedin and ProjectDirt, plus will bring together comments from twitter and facebook.

So lets start with, What is a ‘Low Carbon Community’?


6 thoughts on “What is a ‘Low Carbon Community’?”

  1. Conversation at work today highlighted that we currently do not understand what this is, at present it is too abstract. We need to get to it to a stage where anyone in the street could have this conversation.

      1. MR true. Asking people that are active in environmentalism its difficult to get an answer. We need to get it a debating point like football is at the moment!

        JH It’s a bit of a distracting phrase ‘low carbon community’..

        Since communities by their nature are a mixture of people, they’re generally not full of environmentalists who agree with the assumption that low carbon is top priority! So when talking about ‘building low carbon communities’ really we’re talking two distinct (and not v. abstract) things –

        a) how do we (re)build strong communities?
        b) how do we convince peers to act in a way consistent with a more sustainable social/environmental future?

        MR Good points.

        if we flip them around. I think b) is where this is most important from a starting point. Political involvement is very low with only a few percent of active residence participating in pushing for change. A concise vision would help enormously in channeling this energy.

        For a) everyone in a community is involved in this, both consciously and unconsciously. If we got the first bit right this would not only be simpler but also a much more rewarding process.

        The challenge I think is to get some of the masses involved now. I think most of us active folk know what a ‘Low Carbon Community’ is to us even if we can’t articulate it. We need the help of the layman to translate it into the language of Manchester and their communities

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