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Envirolution’s Pop Up Farm

The journey continues for the Pop-up Farm idea in Manchester. What started from conversations at CityCamp MCR  has led to an Envirolution project with a £750 fund from the Chorlton ‘U Decide’.

The idea is to launch a growing competition with all the schools in Chorlton to get the pupils thinking and interacting with food growing. Envirolution would like to see every pupil in Manchester have access to food growing!

If you would like your school to be involved with the project email Envirolution.

The second part of the project is to create a Pop-up Farm, for an example see Urban Physic Garden. We want to create an interactive space for pupils to engage with food growing and biodiversity. We have already began discussing with a Chorlton Primary School the idea of a Farm-acy to show the healing properties of plants .

Also, we are looking for Envirolution Ambassadors to join our growing team, The ambassadors will help spread the green message in the city and be trained to connect with their peers.

If you would like to be involved with this project or would like any further information please email Envirolution



Envirolution; Manchester’s Environmental Festival

Biodiversity in Manchester

One focus of the next Envirolution will be Biodiversity. 

We are looking to contribute to improving the Biodiversity of Manchester and using the summer’s event to launch a project in Platt Fields Park.

2010 was the UN Year of Biodiversity , which was extended into a decade focus.  It is important to build on the projects and work that comes from a year of awareness on a subject to really make a lasting impact.

This post is the beginning of conversation to develop a biodiversity project in Manchester.  The following is my understanding of what can be done and is not suppose to be a defined approach (or expert knowledge).

Biodiversity can be managed with  natural corridors but we have broke up these by creating concrete desserts of cities, roads and mono-culture.  We need to reintroduce corridors that mirror nature and take advantage of the natural resources available, such as rivers.

There are large areas of greenery in the city, in our parks, that could be transformed into natural havens instead of over managed unnatural green areas.  We can then use cycle paths,  rivers, canals, gardens, green roofs to create the corridors through the city.

Some of the outcomes that Envirolution would like to see are:
Coordination of existing projects;
Creation of complimentary projects;
Mapping of corridors;
Cataloguing of biodiversity
Education of residents
Involvement,  interaction and appreciation of nature by all

Please add your thoughts or email Envirolution if you would like to contribute

A great 13 point list posted on Envirolution Facebook page:
* Encourage gardening for wildlife;
* Increase inner-city/suburban Organic or Permaculture gardening;
* Work with businesses to employ the above on their premises;
* Guerilla gardening;
* Challenge development plans that threaten habitats;
* Become a conservation volunteer with BTCV, or your local ranger team, ‘Friends of’ group etc.;
* Work to extend and diversify wildlife friendly habitats – woodlands, hedges, ponds etc. – in our public spaces, including parks, cemeteries, waste-ground, grass verges, roofs etc.;
* Reduce reliance on foods that have been grown using pesticides;
* Re-localise – reduce food miles and reliance on foreign imports. Invest and support in local business and creativity;
* Shift towards increased use of intermediate technologies;
* Re-introduce coppicing and pollarding in some of our local woodlands;
* Look at other ways in which our activities impact on biodiversity, such as pollution, noise and light pollution etc. and work to counteract it;
* And above all Challenge anthropocentric perceptions and work to reconnect our culture to nature through education and personal experience;



Envirolution, Manchester’s Environmental Festival

37 days to go…

… One gem we discovered in 2010 was the Wooden Canal Boat Society.  In our search to bring together inspiring projects for the an Eco-jobs workshop we were emailed a very engaging YouTube video

We were looking for projects that would allow an insight into the reality of social enterprise and the third sector working.  The WCBS is a great example of how one persons passion and and enthusiasm can create a business.  With the consequence of them making a living out of something that they love.

The WCBS were a breathe of fresh air and truly inspiring.

Call Out for Envirolution 2011

We are looking for inspiring projects that are working towards environmental and social challenges to showcase at Envirolution 2011.

The event will be on 18th June from 12 – 17pm at Platt Fields Park.  We are will provide 3 large marquees, tables and chairs.  We also welcome groups who can provide their own equipment.  The event will be low energy so we are trying to keep electric power restricted to a bike-powered generator.

Download an interest form here, envirolution programme 2011

If interested, please, download and fill up an application form and send it to:

Envirolution 2011 is On

The wait is over! The next Envirolution has been announced for 18th June 2011.  We will team up with the Friends of Platt Fields Park to deliver another exciting programme of inspiring Manchester Projects.

The event will once again bring the best Manchester has to offer together to inpsire you lovely people of Manchester to become part of the Environmental Revolution.

Envirolution will take over the Platt Fields Eco-Garden to offer a FREE day for all.  There will be inpiring, thought-provoking, family friendly, skill sharing, entertaining, interactive activities for you to get involved in.

Keep your eyes out for updates and further announcements

The event will also be on the first day of Team Green Britain Bike Week