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Volunteer Opportunity

There are loads of volunteering opportunities

PR – 6 -7 people to contact Manchester Media outlets and follow up the conversations, 1 – 2 to help write press releases, 6 – 7 liaise with famous names around Manchester to promote the event

Outreach – 30 – 60 organisations identified in areas in which we want to engage. Volunteers needed to liaise with the organisations

Curator – There is a limited amount of space available for the day and we need volunteers to help us find the very best that Manchester has to offer.

Fundrasing – To become part of a team to put on several fundraising events in the lead up to the main event

Website – design a website that will keep people up to date with what is going on with Envirolution.

If you are interested please email

Name Decided!!

and the winner is……….   ENVIROLUTION

The name is a key foundation on which you can build a truly inspirational event. This event will have community at its heart and will inspire possible solutions for environmental challenges.

And being involved in any activity in Manchester you feel a real connection to the revolutions of the past and an anticipative enthusiasm that what you are doing will be a part of the next revolution!