Thank you – 50 Pledges

Our crowdfund campaign – – is underway and we have reached are first important milestone of 50 pledges. Thank you to all who have got behind us so far.

Thank you to:

Daniel Finn, Lee Kendall, David Mitchell, Nick Stuart, Zara Skitt, Benjamin Playford, Gavin pate, jessica ward, Maria Ali, Hannah Newcomb, Sylva Yarker, Matthew Hunt, Holly Dexter, sophie burgess, Adam Rayner, Dyna Gardens, Ap Jeanica, Sarah Victoria, Carl Rowe, Sarah Gilston, Roland Deem, sophie owen, Alex HB, Alex Mac, Ailsa Morris, Matthew Andrew, Joe Wallwork, Craig Despard, Niraj Dattani, Romilly Gibbs, Sheila Gibbs, Toby Bennett, Ruth Mitchell, Jessie Gibbs, Nicholas Farrimond, Paul Mitchell, Paul Rowe, Mandy Rowe

Corporate Sponsors

SMC Coach Hire

Songsmith Solar

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