Saturday 2nd June 2018 – Save the Date!

Hi everybody!

We’re back, biggerer, betterer and more awesomer than ever before(erer). With the winter months yet to go away and give us some much needed sunshine, we’re all hard at work in the background turning Envirolution 2018 into the best thing yet. Are you excited?

So put the date in your diary!

If you’re looking for the best free festival in Manchester in 2018, we’re a safe bet, and with plenty of sustainability, community, and eco spirit, we’re after ticking all the boxes and really showing off the great work you all do in Manchester and beyond.

Can we get you involved?

What we need:

  • People: If you have the time, energy and skill to help host the event please get in touch.
  • Promotion: Please link to, share and talk about Envirolution 2018:
  • Money: We are hopefully going to be running fundraisers and events running up to June. Keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page!
  • Let us know: If you know of any individual, group or company that should be involved in the summer email, tweet or post it on Facebook.



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