Becoming An Active Citizen

Thank you for those who have signed up as New Citizens in the Independent State of Great Manchester. If you have not yet, please click here.

An important role for any citizen is to be actively participating. We will post suggestion on our website of good sources of volunteering opportunities and other ways you can actively contribute to creating a Great Manchester.

Manchester Volunteer CentreĀ (click for details)

This is a great place to start. MVC offer a volunteer training session every Wednesday and will match you with appropriate opportunities.

Platt Fields Park Volunteer Sunday (click for details)

Envirolution is located in Platt Fields Park. There is a great volunteer community in the Park who do fantastic work to maintain several areas. If you would like to help out they have an open session on the third Sunday of every month.

Manchester Critical Mass (click for details)

A great way to become active is to participate in a form of creative protest. Critical Mass is a worldwide mass meetup on bicycles. Its happens on the last Friday of every month, leaving from Manchester Central Library. It is a brilliant way to meet people and find out what is happening in your city.

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