Become a Citizen in the Independent State of Great Manchester

Inspired by the 4th October March through Manchester, we want you to to join us in creating new Great Manchester.

We are calling for citizens to help us create a vision for a Great Manchester; a just, equal and happy society. Seeing and being part of all the passionate people on the streets of our city has gt us thinking about what is next? Where can we put all that energy to create real and lasting change.

Our idea is to bring everyone together to create an Independent State for Great Manchester. This symbolic nation will be a tool to bring all our discontent and innovative ideas to the power of the city and to use the Envirolution festival to design a constitution and a working manifesto for change.

First step is to become a citizen

If you believe in what we do at Envirolution and want your energy to be focused in to something proactive and productive, show your support by applying to become a citizen – click here


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