Community Buy-out?

Join us at Hardy’s Well 2 – 4pm on Friday 9th, Saturday 10th or Sunday 11th to be part of the exciting changes. There has been some rumblings this week towards the local community taking a proactive role in Hardy’s Well.

As of two weeks ago a local resident, an enthusiastic gentlemen called Deepak, has been running the pub. Most of the times he has literary being running; jumping from job to job to bring a favourite jaunt back to a warm, welcoming local.

His energy and hard work have not gone unnoticed, as the local residence have began a dialogue that includes the idea of a community buyout of the iconic building. Hardy’s Well has operated unchanged as a public house for nearly two hundred years!

We will be in the pub for three days to give everyone the chance to offer their thoughts and ideas for the project. Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 2-4pm there will be a corner set out dedicated to giving you your voice.

Come joins us and be part of this very special opportunity to give the people of Manchester back one of its greatest institutions.


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