The Story Continues…

946508_524163040980612_1840521759_nEnvirolution will be celebrating its fifth event in May; an unimagiable milestone for those who were meeting in the pub and talking about creating Manchester’s Eco Festival all those years ago. This year has been one of the most challenging but achieving our ‘5 Year’ badge will make it all worth it.

A quick look at the frequency of the posts on this blog over the last year demonstrate some of these challenges we have faced. There was three sparkling eyes that sat in the pub on the faithful night when the dream of Envirolution was born. This has been the first year when none of the original environmentalists were a constant presence in the projects development.

One of the three was lost along the journey, whilst the remaining two have had to settle for a virtual role for much of the year. Not losing the envirolution spirit, Bob has been building a tinyhome and Matt has been busy in Nepal.

Without the original spark many projects wither and fail to keep torch burning. Envirolution has not suffered this fate, a constant renewal of energy from new smiling faces has driven us towards our fifth event.

On the build up to our latest extraveganza in Platt Fields Park, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been there through the tough times and the successes to help develop Envirolution. Also, to all those who are currently working so hard to bring the fifth event together a massive thank you.

Finally, as we count down the 24 days until Enviolution 2014, I ask all of you who are dreaming of being part of creating something special to follow us and be part of the story. And maybe even find the time and energy to come give us a hand!


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