Dwelle – The Eco House

dwelle trailWe are lucky enough to have an eco demonstration house right next to Platt Fields Park on Wilmslow Road. The structure is open for public viewings every Friday and Saturday which means it will be open on Saturday 25th May. The sensible amongst us will mooch on over on their way to the Envirolution Festival.

You can find the house and its designer, Ric, at the Wilmslow Road and Platt Lane corner of the park. Then simply follow the map opposite to find your way over to Envirolution.

Dwelle will be on hand with refreshments to answer all your questions about the house and give you a tour.

Dwelle – A range of carefully designed micro-buildings that are highly sustainable, fast to erect and extremely adaptable.Dwelle

We hope you’ll be able to call by between 1pm and 7pm for a nosey at their dwelle.ing, see their grow-your-own demonstration.

They’ll also be introducing their brand new Carbon Literacy workshops – explaining ‘how changing the aspects of our collective behaviour that result in the generation of dangerous greenhouse gases sustains our planet and our pockets, and will keep the world a safe, healthy and prospering place to live.

They are located at 265 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M14 5LN.


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