What are we actually doing at Envirolution?

We have been scheming, dreaming and brimming with ideas over the last three years. It has been hard to know where to begin or how to contribute at times. Although one constant has always been our Envirolution events, where we are hoping to encourage and inspire sustainable living.

What we have come to realise is that are good a celebrating, because at its essence that is what the events are. Not just for us to celebrate what we have achieved but to give all the inspiring projects in Manchester a chance to celebrate and to celebrate together.

So, Celebrating… ticked!

We have began to look at what else we would like to do and how we can achieve it. So here is a list of what we think we are doing and what we would like to do.

Celebrating – Envirolution Festival

Our Home – All we do in Platt Fields

Our Community – Looking into the idea of the sqaure mile. A mile radius of Platt Fields Park; #Rusholme, #MossSide, #Longsight and #Fallowfield

Learning and Sharing – We want to link to the great work of Greeniversity.

Communicating – We want to look at what we are saying and how we can all start saying more together.

Planning – What is Manchester A Certain Future? Can we do better in the Square Mile? What are our short term achievable targets?

Being Sustainable! This has two meanings; First, How do we walk the talk?; Second, where does the money / support come from?


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