Happy Tu B’Shevat – The New Year for Trees

Tu B’Shevat on the Jewish Calender is the New Year for Trees, but who would have thought after the week that Manchester has had that today would have turned out to be a perfect day for tree planting.A group of us headed to Platt Fields Park to plant a tree that was kindly donated by the Manchester Reform Synagogue. The tree, Prunus avium ‘Stella’, was planted along the Wilmslow Road fence to be seen by everyone as the ride the bus past the park. Best of all it is an eating cherry, hopefully to be enjoyed by all in the coming years.

I waited by the lake, taking in a moment of serenity. Looking over Platt Fields Lake has become one of my favourite Manchester experiences (and it’s free). We wandered around towards Wilmslow Road with the wheelbarrows and tree. The winter sun shone down and warmed away all the snowy weather of the last week. The spot we choose was in the shade of several other Cherry trees near the Royal Seat.

TuB'ShevatAs you can see from the picture is was a perfect way to spend a winter’s day. The planting of a tree is a very altruistic and satisfying experience. The act is generally undertaken for the benefit of others, in some cases not even of your own generation. There are so many benefits to responsible tree planting. The parks have a good link to Red Rose Forest for access to trees, an excellent link to the universities and interfaith student groups for volunteers and plenty of space. I think that this link to Tu B’Shevat could, and should, become a regular festive occurrence for Manchester


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