Save the skate park

What does the community do when something needs doing? They get it done!

The skate park in Platt Fields is in need of some help as it is currently closed due a dangerous surface. It is such a well used area of the park that it deserves the support of everyone to get it back up and running. Envirolution have been involved with the Park since we held our event there in June 2011. We are enthusiastically putting our support behind finding a solution.

After years of being well used the skate park is in need of some TLC. For reasons beyond the control of the users of the site the repair has not been undertaken. This is a call for those people who want to help find a quick solution.

Let’s get the park up to a safe and working condition asap.

Looking back at the skate park in its former glory shows us why this is so important

This little video shows that it is people of all ages that used the space

We all know that times are difficult for our public parks but this is just a call to action for all the community organisations and activists. This an opportunity for our communities to figure out a better way of getting things done.

The skate park should be a working element of a productive and happy Platt Fields Park. Let us use this as an example of what we are capable of and then see where else it takes us.

If you would like to get involved or offer any support please email, post on facebook or send us a tweet


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