So what is the state of biodiversity in Manchester?

Biodiversity seems to be one of those subjects that is simple to understand and with obvious solutions.  Surely is means that we need as many different varieties of organisms as possible and this can be achieved by designating any green areas for this purpose.

But is it this simple and what is the current state of biodiversity in Manchester?

I have started by asking the views of Dave Bishop who is involved with the Friends of Chorlton Meadows and can be found regularly categorising the plants of the Mersey Valley.

So what does Dave see the main points are:

– Lack of protection for the Sites of Biological Importance (SBIs) and many biodiverse sites have no recognition at all.

– Many green spaces are not currently manage, with others not having beneficial management. E.g. mowing and pruning taking place at the wrong times of the year.

– Narrow focus for green spaces by local authorities

The priority for action is to protect the little green space that we have in Manchester from development.

Read all of Dave Bishop’s report here Manchester Region Biodiversity Crisisgen


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