Aims and Objectives

We are at that time of year again.  We are looking back at the achievements of the past twelve months and evaluating how it all went.  As part of this is our revision of our ‘Aims and Objectives’.

These were first established in May 2010 when we were beginning our journey.  The first revision was made in February 2011 to update the aims after the Contact event, adding the nine objectives.

Below is the first draft of this years updates

current amendments are [1.2] changed from To create an environment where social solutions meet social need

This draft amendment was made as it was felt this objective would need to be an additional aim not an objective if it were to be included.  Although it should be noted that this could be a potential outcome if future events continue to be successful.

[1]To create a welcoming and open space for people to present their achievements and innovation solutions

[1.1] To showcase the forward thinkers of Manchester and
[1.2] To showcase practical examples of ideas from beyond Manchester in action in the city
[1.3] To create an interactive and fun space to engage with the residents of Manchester

[2] To engage with as many people as possible in Manchester

[2.1] To engage with the excellent work and thinking of the city and to challenge its future direction
[2.2] To link to activities that people are familiar with to engage them in the themes of the event
[2.3] To reach out to areas of the city who are disconnected and would not normally become involved

[3] To ‘Walk the Talk’ and to minimise the environmental impact of the event

[3.1] To foster a working environment that allows contributors to question their environmental and social impact
[3.2] To make the process of hosting the event as low environmental impact as effectively possible
[3.3] To showcase activities that will allow customers to evaluate their own lives and inspire change


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