Today at Hackademia

Hackademia, a week long festival, kicked off today with an Ethical Business workshop.  The session explored social enterprises, specifically looking into the role of open sourcing.  The  event was part of a new European funded project called CADIC, which looks to develop a model to create competitive advantage through open exchange of intellectual capital.

The event was packed with great projects and people that are actively working to bring their ideas into reality.  Many of these will be involved with the rest of the weeks schedule that can be found here.

I was able to use part of the event to start off an idea of networking around getting practical tasks delivered from the people in the room in order to build relationships and networks to deliver ideas and concepts.  We will hopefully be putting some of this into practice shortly.

The official launch event will be Thursday 15th September from 18.30 until late at Sand Bar, Grosvenor Street.

Envirolution will also be running an open meeting throughout Monday 19th September from 13.00 until 20.00 for you to come along to find out what we are all about and offer your thoughts and ideas.

We will also be about for the Community Engagement Hoody Day on Tuesday 20th September

Envirolution is Manchester’s Environmental Festival

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