17 days to go…

… A look at the Eco Health Clinic, an initiative to look at how environment and health are connected.  We are excited to announce that Zoe Rozar will be bringing her Eco Health Clinic to Envirolution on 18th June.The event opened with a thought-provoking introduction by Zoe who stated that ‘the only way to preserve knowledge is to use it, with the same being true with biodiversity.’

The first guest speaker joined us via a live video link from New York.  Natalie Jeremijenko, who is involved in the NYU Eco Health Clinic spoke of  the unintended consequences of technology and how these have potential benefits for technology, health and the environment.

You can see one of Natalie’s talks on TED TV.

Next was a podcasts from Stefano Mancuso of linv.org who explained how we can learn from plants for everything from medicine to technology.

My favourite talk of the night was Jesper Launder, who is a local medical herbalist whose enthusiastic presentation gives insight that many abundant plants in city, which are seen as pests and weeds, could hold huge potential for medical purposes.

Jesper’s talk was sandwiched between two of north’s permaculture experts Angus Soutar and Rob Squires, who gave opposing views on the current role of NHS in facilitating issues around the Eco Health Clinic concept.


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