19 days to go…

… Once again the people of Manchester came together to support Envirolution with their pennies, by raising the money needed to make this year’s event happen.

The day got underway with an art workshop where volunteers designed the signs and displays that will be used on the day.

A group of willing volunteers were assembled in the garden of the Ram and Shackle in Fallowfield.  With brushes in hand they enthusiastically got to work on creating masterpieces.

The main fund raising element of the event was an art auction, where prints, pictures, collages (that were adjustable!) and paper maiche statues were displayed prior to the heated bidding event.

The art was all donated, mainly from local artists. Many of the pieces were originals or limited edition prints.  The star of the auction turned out to be a print from a local artist, who is a member of the Kids With Hooves Art Collective, whose picture of ‘Birds of Freedom’ went for £75.  A big thank you to Ben from OpenMind for his support in bidding on this.

More special thanks to Envirolution‘s very own Grace, who bid on a piece that was taken especially for the event from a North Wales photographer of an atmospheric Welsh beach.  Also, thanks to June who made a generous contribution by bidding on three pieces by another Kids With Hooves artist.

The night finished in real Envirolution fashion, with four hours of merriment.  We were entertained by the talented two bands, ‘Morffe‘ and ‘We Are All Made in China‘.  They were a great way to thank all the people who came out to support us.

Finally, the Anorak and Frog Charmer finished the night off with an eclectic mix of vinyl that no one wanted to end.  But I guess the night had to eventually, we will hopefully see you on 18th June in Platt Fields Park to continue to fun.

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