25 days to go…

… a big thank you to Chorlton FM 87.7,  Envirolution hosted an hour long show from 4pm today.

The show, which was part of the Chorlton Arts Festival, was a chance for us to promote this Saturdays fund rasier and the summer event.  It also gave us the chance to speak to a few of the groups who are taking part on the 18th JuneFirst up was City Camp MCR. who came on the show to explain the international unconference concept that they are bringing to Manchester.  The group are exploring some exciting projects and partnerships. You will find City Camp MCR at the Hot Topics Zone at Envirolution.

You can find out more by visiting their website: www.citycampmcr.org and twitter: @CityCampMCR

Also, check out the City Camp MCR launch event on Tuesday 14th June at NoHo Bar. Register here.

Second up was Jeff from e-cycle, who was involved in Chorlton’s Big Green Festival.  Jeff talked about his highlights from this years CBGF, which were the cycle prescession and the Spokes dance troop (that you will find at this years Envirolution).  We also discussed Jeff’s involvement in the Volunatary Gas Tax movement in the US and his new venture e-cycle.

You can contact Jeff about e-cyle, Chorlton’s cycle delivery service on facebook, on the phone 07738 039888 or email chorlton.ecycle@gmail.com

Finally, I was joined by Chris from Action for Sustainable Living (AfSL).  We have worked with AfSL throughout Envirolution, who have been very supportive.  We discussed some of the amazing projects that the Local Project Managers from AfSL that will be showcasing on 18th June at Envirolution.  These will include Manchester Vegetable Orchestra, Ardwick Eco Arts, Swap Shop and Manchester LETS.

You can find out more about AfSL on their website, facebook and twitter


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