29 days to go…

The run up to this years event took us to the LSEN launch of their new Green Zone toolkit.

Envirolution hosts at workshop session, giving the audience the chance to provide input for our future direction.

Their was an interesting mix of people who work in creative jobs and those who were within communities in Manchester.

The conversation touched on the issues of where the event should have an academic or community project focus. The opposing opinions were on the one hand, the work that academics are performing in Manchester in very important towards the future of a sustainable city. On the other, community groups are creating inspiring initiatives and they deserve a platform to showcase their work.

The feel and atmosphere of the event was also discussed, with a debate around a serious event touching on difficult issues or a celebration with a focus on the positive achievements. There was an acceptance that the city needs a arena for the serious conversation but the event would have a bigger impact on its aim of engaging with as many people as possible in Manchester if it has a positive message.

The conversation finished with a discussion on the inclusion of business, both ethical and non ethical business. This tied in to the previous point, it was aired that if the focus of the event was positive inclusion of business would act too much like greenwash. However if the focus was more serious and around scruntising important issues then this would be a great platform to scruntise business.

If you have any thoughts on this then please add your comments below


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