42 days to go…

… The timing of Envirolution on 30th October coincided with the work Manchester City Council were facilitating on the Manchester: A Certain Future.  The build up organised throughout November were leading up to the 2010 Mancheester Climate Conference.

The basis of the work Manchester Climate is doing is around developing Climate Change Action Plan.  The council, along with stakholders from the city, have produced their own plan called Manchester Climate Change Action Plan (click to download plan)

The plan’s initiation involved a very inspirational and dedicated group called Call to Real Action (C2RA).   They created a stakeholder vision to challenge the council to develop a plan that would incorporate the issues that are relevant to the city.  This process has given us the Environmental Advisory Panel that brings the voice of the city to the council and a Steering Group that was integral to the planning the 2010 Climate Conference.

The challenge set by Machester Climate is for people, groups and businesses of Manchester to use the information provided to create their action plan.  You can access their help tooon thier website.


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