43 Days To Go…

… In the fabulous sun of that Saturday in October we were treated to the delightful sounds of  Pow Wow Pedal Power.  Who were complimenting the Kids With Hooves Live Art out in the Manchester University car Park.

I imagine the steady flow of uplifting music was a direct influence on the creation of the slight crazy looking General Waste.

The pedal powered sound was also the backing track to the delicious smoothies on offer.  Of which you could choose to flex your muscles on the hand-powered Abundance smoothie or jump on a bike to pedal for a Manchester Friends of the Earth smoothie.

The pedal powered sound system does so much more than provide sustainable energy for your sound.  It also you to become part of the experience.  You can feel every note and pitch, as I was to find out when pedalling as someone was on the microphone.  The base of the voice made me feel like I was cycling up a steep hill.

Pow Wow Pedal Power are an inspirational team and seem to be having so much fun… as you will surely find if you join them on their cycle journey to Glastonbury a week after this years Envirolution.


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