Envirolution Steering Group

The Next Steering Group will be 12th April from 18.30 at Innospace

We will be looking forward to the Summer Envirolution event,  to discussing how to present the projects and who we would like to include.

The first Steering Group met on 15th March. There was Envirolution, MYVP, City Camp, Manchester Beacon, MMU – Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition, Business Link

Question: What can Envirolution do?

– Share core costs

– Share good practice

– Show holistic picture

– Highlight synergy

– Create Atmosphere for projects to be presented

Question: What are your plans for the next six months?

Envirolution: July – Summer Envirolution; October – Autumn Envirolution

MYVP: Concentrating on commercial selling i.e. College and schools; Surviving funding limitations; Eco Challenge Xtra – National volunteering scheme for 16yos

City Camp: April – Hack Days (MDDA), How to Contribute (Universities), City Debate (Future Everything); 16  17 September – Unconference – Themes: Food, Waste, Smart Cities

Manchester Beacon: Linking academics with public engagement opportunities (clear outcomes needed) – Potential for:knowledge exchange,access to funding,research,case studies

MMU – Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition: Looking into sustainable food at MMU – Considering: Costs,From multinationals to small business

Business Link: working with 6 – 8 Social Enterprises. Personally interested in Vertical Farmng and Sustainable Growing


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