Love Your Environment

A different way of looking at Valentines Day.

The world is challenging us to find new ways of entertaining ourselves and interacting with one another.

We challenge you to send us ideas of how to enjoy Valentines Day whilst being environmentally friendly. We are offering some amazing prizes for the most creative and original ideas, including two local and season veg-boxes, from Grub – a new Manchester veg box scheme, delivered directly to your door.

Here are some fun suggestions for switching on the romance this Valentines Day without it costing the planet.

5 ways for a new Valentines Day

  1. Candles – These timeless symbols of romance will set the scene for your night
  2. Non-cooked Food – Why not try preparing a candle lit dinner of raw food, check out some recipes on the Happy Cow website
  3. Dating in the Dark – Try exploring your relationship without the distraction of your partner’s beauty.
  4. Environmentally Friendly Gift/ No Gift – Show your loved one your creative side by giving them a gift that you can’t buy; write them a poem or sing them a song. If you are void of any creativity you could settle for a fair-trade gift from Shared Earth or Oxfam.
  5. Communal Dates – how about sharing the date with friends.

I know that this time of year many of us give up hope of ever finding our ONE! But don’t despair; love is waiting for you to find it. Let me leave you with a story of how love finds us even when we are lost amongst all the rubbish of their lives.

The story begins one cold February morning when two people trying to give their lives some order within all the chaos took there waste to the recycling centre.

Was it for their civil duty, a caring sentiment for the environment, community spirit or just to keep the house tidy? I don’t think we will ever know but what is for certain is they were there together, separating the old bean tin from last week’s magazine.

No-one knows who said the first words; was it a joke, an apologetic gesture or a romantic act! But they connected next to that big green bin and quickly skipped off to the nearest cafe to stare longingly into each others eyes.

Happiness finds us all, we just need to try new things to give it a helping hand.

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